No-Fail Friday: Who loves you, baby?


End of a long week for you? Maybe a few late nights, for a variety of reasons? As we discussed earlier this week, ‘tis the season for draining your tank all the way to empty, only to judge yourself in the morning for how much is still on your plate to do, or maybe more literally, how little you failed to leave on your plate/in your glass. Hey, that’s your judgment, not mine. I’m all about balance, and of course, self-compassion…

If you felt a little rough around the edges this morning, you’ll be relieved to know that our “no-fail” mindfulness challenge for this weekend is about backing up the judgment truck and going a little easier on yourself. Read More

Exactly right


This time of year can be full of highs and lows. The season itself is hectic, let alone all the end-of-semester/quarter/year work you need to manage. Some of you are hearing from business schools with decisions that impact your future, while others are still grinding on those essays or exams for January application deadlines. There’s anxiety, stress, hope, elation, disappointment, and relief – sometimes all before lunch. It’s exhausting to me just thinking about it, let alone being you.

It’s interesting, though, when you break it all down, to consider what’s fueling the ride. Read More