“No-Fail” Friday: Daydream believer


What a perfect weekend for a (“no-fail”) mindfulness challenge. Our subject this week was none other than personal power, and the resilience of our hopes and dreams over our fears and doubts. Doesn’t always feel that way? Well, then, you must be human. Me, too. Just because it’s hard to believe some of the time doesn’t make it any less true.  Read More

Monday Moment: Lightness of being

P Neruda_Light of the universe w logo

For some out there, today is just another Monday grind, while for others (in the U.S.), it’s the beginning of a holiday week that’s probably shorter or lighter in some way than others. Perception is everything, isn’t it? Depending on your perspective, today may feel free and easy, or it may feel like a weight landing squarely on your shoulders. In reality, it’s the same day everywhere, for all of us, and like every day, you can drag your way through it with your head down, or you can look up and realize that there’s magic in every minute, and it’s trying to find its way into everything you do, work or play, or both.