“No-Fail” Friday: Looking ahead


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Even though our topic on Wednesday was about not getting lost in thoughts of the future all the time, it’s ok to admit the truth. I know you’ve had your mind on the weekend for a while now.  Well, at last, it’s here! The future you wished was the present is now exactly that. So, you officially have no excuse for not checking in, catching your breath, and trying out this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge.

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Right about now

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Have you ever noticed yourself saying, or thinking, that as soon as you get through this week, this project, this semester, this…whatever, then things will be okay? Of course, you know what inevitably happens. This week becomes this month, this semester becomes this year, and the finish line keeps moving. There’s always another project, another deadline, another challenging season to give you an excuse to not check in to the present, and to instead spend it in anticipation of an easier, less complicated future. Then, by the time the future gets to you, it’s just another “now,” full of things to “get through” and reasons to, well, hold your breath.  Read More