Monday Moment: One more breath

Emerson Brave quote w tag

Good morning ! A little Monday motivation here in keeping with our theme from last week of managing discomfort (and enabling growth) through mindfulness. Sometimes the difference between a “hero” and someone who doesn’t seem like one is just the willingness to not give up. Every single one of us can be courageous, intrepid, and even heroic, but perhaps not for long enough to make a difference. When you’re facing a challenge that you are ready to run from, as long as you’re not in danger, see what happens when you take one extra breath before doing so. I’m not promising that you will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you may be capable of greater strength than you thought.

So take that, Monday. You’ve got this week already, and all you had to do was breathe.

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Photo credit: Aaron Burden 

Monday Moment: Steal my sunshine

Emerson Sunshine quote w tag

Morning! I hope you enjoyed those moments of mindfulness I challenged you to this past weekend. I love this quote for getting us started this week, and not only because any mention of sunshine gets me thinking about springtime. It’s also a nice reminder of how often we let the stories we create in our own imagination get in the way of our desire to act authentically, and diminish our own strengths out of fear of what would happen if we really let them shine.

This week, don’t shy away from that “sun,” but let it reflect out into the world through your thoughts, words and actions. Your light is uniquely your own, and it deserves to shine.