“No-Fail” Friday: IRL

A photo by Olu Eletu. unsplash.com/photos/jw5m9Y0Ox5w

This week’s earlier post was about a lot of things. Essentially, it distilled down to the discomfort of transitions. Waiting when you’re ready right now. Uncertainty when you want answers pronto. Hearing “no” about what you thought was next when you were so sure the correct answer was “yes.” The common theme among all of these awkward moments is discomfort. The common solution: acceptance.

Now, remember from Wednesday that acceptance in this context isn’t ambivalence. Read More

Wading game

Women Dress in Water_Luke Marshall

We live in an on-demand world. We can find answers, see almost anything, and even have material goods we need in our hands almost instantly, through just a few clicks, swipes and taps. The phrase that comes to mind most readily when thinking about this type of existence is “instant gratification,” although I’m not sure that’s quite right, since it’s a short-lived sense of contentment. You want it, you find it, you get it, and then…what’s next? Gotta be something, right?  Read More



I will tell you what…those of us whose work involves the practice of stress management in some shape or form have had our work cut out for us lately. Life usually throws us enough curveballs in this day and age to keep us all bobbing and weaving through the stress gauntlet, but lately, there have been some extra layers to manage, and even the most reliable distractions aren’t enough to offer an escape. Are you feeling it, too? It’s hard not to… Read More