Monday Moment: Pass (on) the judgment


This quote aligns a bit with last Monday’s quote, and is not a bad bookend for last week overall, with Wednesday’s post about getting it all right, all the time. As we dive into spending time with people important to us this season, it can be tough to separate the love from the judgment. Why does he always do that? Why does she always say things like that?? Possibly good questions, but also ones you may ask every time you get together. So maybe, for a second, set it aside. Give it a rest. Remind yourself, I love this person, regardless of their imperfections. And while you’re at it, take a look in the mirror and do the same for that beautiful face there. After all, what we judge in others is often not totally different from what we are harshest about in ourselves. And, standing next to love, it can start to look pretty small – at least for that second.

Inhale, exhale, love. Have a great week. :)

No-Fail Friday: You first

Friends on Beach_Lili Popper_Stocksnap.jpgHow are you feeling this Friday? Although it doesn’t always feel like it these days, the last day of the workweek is usually synonymous with lightness and fun. Even if your schedule is packed with meetings, the knowledge that you’re about to break free for two whole days is usually cause for celebration, and a great big exhale. Even if you’ve got projects galore and other responsibilities to tend to, at least they feel a little bit more on your terms. Plus, you can make time for a little relaxation, so you can start next week totally refreshed, right? Don’t worry, I hear you laughing…refreshed on Monday? What is that? It is possible, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not only about MondayRead More


Southwest hammocks_Leonie Fahjen_Stocksnap

A while back, we talked about the times when life puts you on the bench, and tries its best to give you no choice but to take a break. Whether it’s illness, injury, or that particular kind of fatigue that makes you feel like you’re moving through molasses, those are the moments when it’s your job to take care of you. With the pace of our lives these days, we often fight that directive and push through, trying to stay or get back “on track” as soon as possible. Of course, that usually means that getting better takes way longer than it should or needs to, or we end up crashing completely with nothing left in the tank.

If we can’t take care of ourselves when we’re physically injured or depleted, what does that mean about the times when our bodies aren’t giving out? How do we respond when it’s our mind, our heart – or just our being – that is asking us for some TLC? In some ways, those messages can be much easier to dismiss or ignore, but that doesn’t mean they go away or that they aren’t important.  Read More