“No-Fail” Friday: Friend zone

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The only thing better than the arrival of Friday is the rare Friday that happens to kick off a long, holiday weekend. You’ve got yourself one of that delicious variety today, if you happen to be in the U.S. (which I still am not! Yay, mindfulness travel!). You know that means a whole extra day for getting your “no-fail” mindfulness challenge for this weekend on, though, so of course that means we’re going to turn it up a notch.

What else would you do with that extra day, anyway? Don’t answer that…

Just a few days ago in this very spot, we tackled the contradiction in terms that the MBA experience (and the purposeful life in general) can often be. Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Right back atcha


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As you may know if you’ve been checking out this site for a while, I’m a coach. Before you ask for which sport, not that kind of coach. I work with people in the business school world to help them navigate decisions, assess options, and put their best foot forward in securing and assessing the “champagne problems” that include those decisions and options in the first place. I advise them on thinking through their goals, presenting their experience in meaningful ways, and sharing their “story” in a manner that is both authentic and compelling. It’s a tough balance to strike, but one that when you do, everything that comes as a result tends to be both of those things as well, at least to you.

For this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge, it’s what you see through your eyes that matters most. It kind of always is though…when you think about it.  Read More

No-Fail Friday: Drops mic


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You made it! Just this one little (half, at this point) day left until the glorious weekend ahead. Hoping you have some downtime factored into your plans, but maaaaybe also a little space for a “no-fail” mindfulness challenge. They can be one in the same, you know. Plus, I really think you’re gonna like where this one’s coming from.  Read More