Monday Moment: Careful calibration

N waheed_fear of being you

The best approach this Monday morning is probably to just leave Ms. Waheed’s mic on the floor where she left if after this one. I mean….whoa. And, yup.

What if you started this week – busy and full and challenging as it may appear – full of gratitude for being the person who is capable of so many things? Imagine pouring your energy into the things that mean the most to you without the added layer of thinking about how you look, or sound, or how that conversation went, and are you being “just right” throughout all of it.

Yes to kindness and respect for your fellow humans. Yes to self-awareness and intentional living. Hard pass to self-consciousness and self-doubt that pulls your attention and energy away from the things that matter most to you, and onto something that is already as capable and beautiful and perfectly right as it needs to be.

If you’re going to pay attention to yourself, do it with gratitude. Do it with wonder. Most of all, do it with love.

Love connection


Over the weekend, I was invited lead an intro to meditation session at a beautiful little spot in Atlanta. During the Q&A, the topic of how mindfulness shows up in our everyday lives came up. I was excited to talk about it, because as you’ve heard me say before, it’s been my experience that mindfulness shows up in the little moments of your life long before it ever feels like meditating is “easy” – if that ever really happens.

There’s one big way I’ve seen it come through, though. Read More

Monday Moment: Inherent solution

J Coudert_You are the solution quote w tag

This is one of those pieces of insight that can make you feel a few different ways. First: ok, wait, so this is all on me now? But also, whew…so whatever I need, I already have.

Yeah, that second part is pretty critical info, and also really great news. Another bonus is that working with mindfulness helps you get comfortable with everything that’s going on within you. I mean, if that’s where the answers and solutions are, you’d better be able to handle looking for them, right?

You are the one you’ve been waiting for, and you have arrived.

Photo credit: Lisa Fotios