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Has anyone told you that you’re amazing today? That you’re a visionary, get-it-done, unstoppable warrior queen or king?

Not yet? Well allow me to be the first, then. Know it.

I’m guessing that when you scanned your memory to remember if anyone has showered you with praise yet today, you didn’t think to include yourself. Guessing. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong… Read More

Monday Moment: Hearing voices

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I’m gonna let this one mostly speak for itself today, except for this one point. If the back of your mind just said “There’s no way I could do that” when you saw this, take note. It’s one thing to say negative things about yourself out loud – you do that, too, whether you realize it or not – but it’s far more likely that you’re saying them to yourself than out loud.

Either way, you hear it. The question is, do you believe it?

No-Fail Friday: Going negative


So, how much of a “Friday” does this one actually feel like for you? I ask because this time of year (it’s now December, y’all…how did that happen??) tends to be one of extremes. You’ve got ample excuses and opportunities to let loose, and then also a long list of obligations that may keep you from really being able to do that. Either that, or you spend your time rolling from one end of that spectrum to the other. Work, school, applications, family – there’s a lot to balance on your way to all that holiday festivity.

You know the drill, though – you have to eat your vegetables before you can have dessert. In other words, get your focus on, get your “tests” finished for real, and then get out there and let it go. And because I’ve got your back, this weekend’s mindfulness challenge is all about helping you do just that.  Read More