Pouring it hot

Aerial view of hot tea drink with copy space

It feels so good, though, doesn’t it? Sometimes, anyway. That moment when you realize the person across the room from you is thinking the same thing about that other person, who just did something you both thought was super weird. Or, when you finally get the chance to grab some drinks with your work bestie, and blast your way through your entire floor before the ice has even melted on round one.

It’s easy, and so. very. human. We love to bond with each other because it makes us feel like we belong, which in turn makes us feel safe. Light chatter of the “hot tea” (aka, fresh gossip) variety also subtly reinforces what’s “normal” and “ok,” and what isn’t, according to us anyway – and hopefully the person listening. Kind of like…judgement. Well, exactly like it.


I’m not saying you’re never gonna divulge a juicy, hot-off-the-DM tidbit ever again. I’m also not saying I’m going to stop listening if you do. Buuuut, we could probably both do a little better some of the time to at least be aware of the choice. Pay attention to the little signals your mind and body send you when the intention has gone a little off the rails, and gotten lost. Maybe go ahead and just take a breath, and let that tea cool a minute before you sip.

Bag drop


What better (or more mindful) way to start the New Year than with an effort to leave behind what you’ve actually already left behind. Like the old Zen story about the monks crossing the river, we carry a lot of extra “bags” with us when we hang on to thinking about what didn’t work, or what we wish had gone differently.

While reflection is part of what makes us exceptional as humans, it can also be a trap that prevents us from applying what we’ve learned to move forward. It’s where you believe you are right now, rather than where you’ve been, that has more to do with where  you’re going than anything else.

What are you going to build this year, and how do you get started on that from where you’re standing right now? Travel light, to make it easier for you to be the light, in the year ahead.

Photo credit: Vincent Guth

“No-Fail” Friday: Inner circle


So, this picture doesn’t totally go with this post, but I couldn’t resist. If that’s not how it feels to greet Friday, then I don’t know what is. Am I right?

Hey there, weekend! Great to see you. Now, to get us back on track…

We’ve been talking a bit lately about different topics related to boundaries. A few weeks ago, it was the limits of our energy during new beginnings, and then the limits we place on ourselves in the form of “self-knowledge.” This week, we touched on the edges of our own ambition, and what to do when you start to realize your goals might be changing. In those scary moments, course correction takes a lot of courage, but it is possible. All of these experiences can present external obstacles, however, in the form of risks and revised plans, not to mention opinionated friends and family questioning all of it. Sounds like a mindfulness challenge if I ever heard one. But don’t forget, it’s “no-fail,” so you’ve got nothing to lose by diving right in.  Read More