Outside chance

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How’s the weather where you are? Is spring in the air? If it isn’t, you’re probably irritated that I asked, but hang in there. It’s coming (even if you’re in the southern hemisphere and have sliiiiightly longer to wait). It always does, and with rare exception, it wakes up our senses after a long winter’s nap with color, scent and warmth. What’s not to love about taking the time to mindfully pay attention to all of that? Read More

Monday Moment: Spring forward

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Good morning! You may really be feeling this Monday if you’re located in a part of the US that participates in daylight savings time, and lost that precious hour this weekend. It may be a little harder to “pay attention” today, but as you know, the effort is the meditation. :)

As you continue with your week, remember that any effort to notice what’s happening around you (and within you) can lead to remarkable discoveries. Especially at this time of year, subtle changes are happening in preparation for bigger moments. Amazing how that happens, isn’t it? Every single year, and you don’t need to do a thing but watch.

When you notice, share. Of course, you can keep all that amazement to yourself, but you don’t have to. Help someone else to pause, and appreciate the annual display of resiliency happening around them. There’s nothing like spring to remind us that winter – which has its own beauty – is (like all things) only temporary. So, don’t miss this one. Pay attention, and allow yourself to be astonished.