Monday Moment: Good choice

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In mindfulness, we often talk about observing our thoughts and sometimes even making choices about which ones serve us well, and therefore get to stay, and which we would be best to simply allow to pass by without an invitation to stick around. Same goes with the people we choose to keep in our lives. Eventually, the energy of your surroundings becomes a part of your energy. Might as well make it as supportive, encouraging, and positive as possible.

Have a mindful week!

Photo credit: Frank McKenna

No-Fail Friday: Get it together


This week’s post about NYU really had me thinking. I mean, first of all, being able to live, work and study in a community with such extensive mindfulness resources is like a dream scenario for me, but that’s not news to anyone. What I’ve been thinking about this week is how even the most incredible resources aren’t worth anything unless and until people actually use them. What makes the mindfulness initiatives at NYU work is that 1) they are substantial, and varied, but 2) that there is a community of support around them. You have to find your people, you know? So for this weekend’s mindfulness challenge, you’re taking on creating either all or part of this two-part model for yourself. You’re turning your inward gaze outward, for just a minute.  Read More