No-Fail Friday: Up to you


The weekend us upon us! Seems like it’s felt like a long week for a lot of people I know (especially for the short one it actually was for those if you who celebrated Labor Day on Monday). What’s wearing you out lately? As we talked about earlier this week, September is a time of new routines for lots of us. Newness takes adjustment though, and adjustment takes energy. Regular everyday activities take a little more out of you when you’re working with new people, figuring out where to go, or (mis)estimating what it takes to bring it all together in the course of a day. So, with this weekend’s mindfulness challenge, I’m doing you a favor.  Read More

Team spirit

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As the academic year kicks off and the rest of us reluctantly tuck our swim floaties (you know you have them) and beach towels away and return to the world of work, I thought we’d take a moment to dig into the archives for some tips on working well with others. Basic life skill? Yes. Easier said than done in the world of competitive achievers? Make that yes a double, please.  Read More