No-Fail Friday: Going negative


So, how much of a “Friday” does this one actually feel like for you? I ask because this time of year (it’s now December, y’all…how did that happen??) tends to be one of extremes. You’ve got ample excuses and opportunities to let loose, and then also a long list of obligations that may keep you from really being able to do that. Either that, or you spend your time rolling from one end of that spectrum to the other. Work, school, applications, family – there’s a lot to balance on your way to all that holiday festivity.

You know the drill, though – you have to eat your vegetables before you can have dessert. In other words, get your focus on, get your “tests” finished for real, and then get out there and let it go. And because I’ve got your back, this weekend’s mindfulness challenge is all about helping you do just that.  Read More



If, as Socrates allegedly said, the “the unexamined life is not worth living,” then my guess is that logic would lead you to say that your life lately must be pretty worthwhile. Even more, Socrates was on trial when he said it – an exam, a test and a mental endurance challenge all in one. Now, no matter how tough your GMAT/GRE journey, your final exam schedule, or your end-of-year close timeline, I am pretty confident your season of testing will end better than his did. The question is, can you remain as present as he (apparently) did under fire, capable of spouting wisdom on demand (and you know it will be demanded…)? Maybe first I should ask: how’s your mindfulness practice going?  Read More