Train of thought


Your mind is a powerful tool. It integrates millions of different data points per second to give you the ability to absorb and interact with the world around you. It assesses, calculates, and envisions possibilities. It’s the filter through which you have every moment of your life experience. It really, really wants to help you understand what’s happening, what just happened, and of course, what might happen next. It’s such a pro at these efforts, in fact, that it never stops working. It’s always on, always processing, trying not to miss a thing that could help you understand more…with one exception. Read More

All the feels


You’re a smart person, right? Yeah, for sure. Super smart. You’ve got a great brain, and you know how to use it. You trust that brain. It helps you makes sense of the world around you, cranks out thoughts, and more than occasionally – I’m guessing – creates a fresh idea or two (or ten). It’s the generator, processor, and center of everything. It’s where you turn when you’re confused, curious, or inspired. What’s not to love, right?

Hmmm…love. That’s a feeling…and those are less reliable than thoughts, right?  Read More

Forward thinking


It’s pretty tough to survive in the MBA world these days if you aren’t organized. Whether you’re just looking at the possibility of going back to school, you’re deep in the process of making your applications or the degree itself happen already, or you’re clear on the other side of all of that, on your hustle to make it to the next level, planning and organizing are probably key activities for your survival and your success. From creating agendas to setting goals and envisioning your dreams becoming reality, the future is where it’s at – except for the small complication that it doesn’t actually exist.  Read More