“No-Fail” Friday: Timeless


This week, we all made a new friend in our latest “Real Mindful” feature with Evan Trimble (MBA ’18) of Indiana’s Kelley School of Business. Just like the rest of us, Evan has a ton of things going on, but he makes time for mindfulness because he’s realized one of its superpowers: it helps you use your time better. When you’re focused, you waste less of it – or use less of it unintentionally, anyway.

The deal is, though, that you have to make the time, to get the time back. That’s the conundrum, and one that a looooooot of people struggle with. Only one way to get through that, though, and you know what that is. Without further adieu, welcome to this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge!

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Perfect timing


It is perhaps the only quantifiable commodity on earth that cannot be contained. It is omnipresent but infinitely precious. We are hyper-conscious of it, but value most the moments when we completely forget about it. It moves perpetually and is measured in even increments, although it certainly doesn’t always feel consistent. It flies when we’re having fun and drags on mercilessly when we’re bored. We are powerless to stop it no matter how much we beg it to, nor will it speed up on demand when we want to arrive at some future destination more quickly. We make countless efforts to “manage” it, although we know that ultimately it is out of our control. In our frustration, however, we forget the part of the equation we do have some influence over…  Read More


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We’ve all heard the wisdom that “everything is temporary,” but the business school world offers an unusually high level of proof. It all starts the minute you see the word “Congratulations” in your email, and realize that you will, in fact, really be leaving your job. From that point forward, you embark upon a two-year journey through modules, semesters, classes, and even internships that you know are time-limited by design. It’s a wonderful truth when you don’t like where you are, and a sad one when you do, but it means that your opportunity to learn from the experience, and make an impact in it, is fleeting.  Read More