“No-Fail” Friday: On time

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I’ve got two pieces of great news. One, it’s just about the weekend. Yes! Two, this weekend’s mindfulness challenge is super easy, and short. This past week, we talked about those moments (days…weeks…) when life gets in the way of your mindfulness practice, and some tips for making it through those times mindfully. They’re simple, and of course “no-fail,” which is exactly what you need when you see “weekend” and “challenge” in the same sentence.  Read More


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I know a thing or two about busy-ness. Probably much like you, most of my days include way more “to-do” items than a human could possibly get done in a day. I like to think it’s because we are naturally optimistic, but there are nights when I look at the half-completed list and think maybe “delusional” captures it better. Either way, not only does it quickly lead to feelings of intense “overwhelmia,” it leaves us zero time for mindfulness.  Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: It’s a date

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There’s a guy who goes to my gym who wears the same shirt all the time. I tell myself he does laundry every night, so let’s agree that’s true, for my sake. Anyway, the back of the shirt says “I don’t have time to work out. I make time to work out.” Pretty admirable, right? He’s disciplined, committed, not to mention unafraid of letting his clothes do the talking. Fashion statements aside, the sentiment here is straight from the pages of my previous post, and the perfect inspiration for this weekend’s mindfulness challengeRead More