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Maybe this quote resonates with you on a deeper level today, or maybe it just kinda feels like the week you’ve had. Whether you’re going through an epic transformation, and could use a reminder that yes, it is going to be more than ok, or if you’re just ready for this week’s grand finale, take a moment to be right where you are. The only constant is change, and if you become too attached to where you are (yes, we can even attach to the negative if we’re used to it), or focused on where you’re going, you’re missing the only real thing you’ve got. Pretty or not – that question may be a matter of perspective, and presence.

Have a beautiful weekend. :)

Attachment theory


Last week, we touched on the topic of new beginnings and change, since it seems it really is the only constant these days. With MBA orientations and classes getting underway, and application deadlines creeping ever so much closer by the week – not to mention a major natural event to behold this week – we’re all about transition at the moment.

Change forces you to look ahead, which makes sense. You gotta have some idea of where you’re headed, for sure. Read More

Monday Moment: The only constant


Depending on where you live, you may be seeing a lot of transformation around you these days. So in a sense, I see this quote and I think, welllllll….but, I get where Thoreau is coming from. I mean, this is also the guy who said this, so from his perspective, it’s all about the eye of the beholder (see what I did there?). What’s happening around you is less critical to your sense of peace and well being than how you see it. The only way you understand the world is through yourself. If you know yourself, you’ll recognize that you are always changing, and as you do, everything around you changes, too. It’s all a matter of perspective.

In the midst of such a beautiful season, take a moment – even on a Monday – to look around. Notice how when you do, that scenery isn’t the only thing that shines.

Photo credit: Fineas Anton