“No-Fail” Friday: Take a hike

Hiking_Girl Backpack_Stocksnap_Jake Melara

Enough with the fluorescent lights already. I know you have things to do, classes to rock and meetings to run, but for this weekend’s mindfulness challenge, it’s time to see yourself in the natural light. Let the Vitamin D absorb. Chilly in November where you are? Time to layer up. No sun to be found this weekend? Bust out the rain gear. As the saying goes, only sugar melts. No matter what’s waiting for you out there, you can handle it. I mean, what’s a little weather after the GMAT, right? Read More

Into the woods: Meditation @ Tuck

Woods (Tuck post)_Stocksnap_Valeriy Poltorak

A breath of fresh air. There’s nothing like it for resetting yourself after a tough moment, or clearing your mind when you’re working something out. Sometimes we don’t even know we need it until we are exposed to a new idea, perspective, or person, and we’re invigorated with the possibility of a new direction. Whether we consider ourselves “outdoorsy” or not, nature has a way of centering us, slowing our pace and minimizing the chatter in our minds. It connects us to our “observing mind,” and gives us a break from the torrent of planning and worrying that keeps our brain spinning most days. Nature lures us into stillness, whether taking in a breathtaking vista or the simple beauty of undisturbed natural space. Lucky for me, just a few weeks ago, I got to experience both. Read More