“No-Fail” Friday: Hold the phone

Love Style Life Book w Phone_Marcin Czaja_Stocksnap

You’ve been waiting all week and it’s finally here. Happy Friday, and all the great things that come with it! Speaking of, waiting was our topic of conversation earlier this week — specifically, the art of waiting for additional information when you really just want to be planning. Been there? Me too. Uncertainty can be really painful, but as we discussed, it’s a part of life every day in ways we don’t even recognize. We either don’t see the uncertainty (which is an inherent part of the future) or we mask it by distracting ourselves. We distract ourselves a lot when we’re uncomfortable, by the way, which leads me to this weekend’s mindfulness challengeRead More

Holding pattern

Girl Waiting Bench_Ryan McGuire_Stocksnap

Does anyone out there like waiting? I can’t see you, but I’m guessing no hands are going up. Unless, of course, you confused waiting with procrastinating. That practice tends to have a few more fans. Waiting is different because it usually implies that you would rather not be waiting, but that for some external reason you have either chosen or been forced to sit tight. Some waits are brief, others seem to drag on indefinitely, often correlating to how badly you want the waiting to end. Nothing, however, can make a wait seem like an eternity more than the factor of uncertainty. Read More