Monday Moment: Genius at play

Einstein Creativity Fun quote w logo

There’s a distinction that is often made in business – and in school, and other places, too – between people who are “analytical” (aka, intellectual) and people who are “creative” (aka, not). Sure, there are different parts of our brains that activate when we’re building and envisioning, versus analyzing, but both are highly intellectual endeavors. Both can also be signs of genius at work – or play. It depends on how you feel about what you’re doing.

We are all creative people. We have imaginations, vision and the ability to create solutions out of nothing. We make art, and we build companies. We tell stories, and we draft budget proposals. We redesign spaces, and make strategic plans for the work to be done there.

Creativity isn’t just for artists. It’s for all of us who are trying to build a meaningful life that we can also enjoy living. What are you creating this Monday?

Monday Moment: Livelihood

H Thurman come alive quote w logo

A little inspiration as you start your week, hopefully headed into work that makes you feel aligned with purpose, and capable of impact that’s meaningful to you. If not, quotes like this may make you feel a little uncomfortable. That’s ok, though, because that discomfort could be the beginning of something good. Being able to experience that discomfort instead of judging it, or pushing it away, can show you what’s working and what isn’t, to get you working more often with what is.

This is what we mean by “catching your breath to unleash your potential.” It’s in there, if you can be present and attentive to the signals your body, mind and intuition are sending you about what makes you “come alive.” Just breathe, and listen.

Monday Moment: Keep it light

P Neruda_Light of the universe w tag

Mondays can sometimes feel frustrating for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the pain of the alarm going off after two days of relative freedom from the grind. They’re a reminder of the ways in which we spend a large portion of our time — the work spaces, projects and people we’re headed into interaction with for probably something like the next five days – ish. Most of us have feelings about all of that, some of which may be summarized by the phrase: “Ugh.”

Maybe it’s not that serious, because maybe you mostly like your work. Maybe you love it, actually. But maybe you also wonder if you’re having the kind of impact you want to have on your team, your organization, the world. Working hard without a sense of that can be frustrating.

The truth, though, is that you are most definitely having an impact. You can’t help it. There isn’t anything you do that doesn’t influence people and events, perhaps well beyond your awareness. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to examine your efforts, and make adjustments to make it easier for you to see that impact. But, in the meantime, know that nothing you do is unimportant. Nothing. Your effort should be to become aware of how you are using all that magic you’re wielding, to direct it towards the work and people you sense would gain the most from it, and in turn, spread their own light accordingly.

No biggie, right? ;-) I mean, as long as you’re playing with the light of the universe, you might as well play intentionally.