Monday Moment: Safe strategy

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Oh, there are just so many. SO many of them. All the reasons to not do the thing your heart, your intuition, that little whisper of possibility inside you are all telling you do to. It doesn’t make sense, it won’t work, there’s no logical reason to do it. The numbers don’t add up. The path to success isn’t clear. SO many perfectly good reasons, all lined up in a row, and fully and completely useless for anything other than getting in your way.

Reasons, roadblocks, call them what you will. You can let them shape your path, or you can walk right through them, and do it for yourself.

Maybe take a deep breath first, though, ok? I’ve heard it can really make a difference. ;-)

Monday Moment: Open road

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It’s always something, isn’t it? Whether it’s clicking through your to-do list or reaching for your loftiest goals, the path is never completely smooth. It’s anything from mildly annoying to completely deflating, depending on the size of the block and the state of your mind.

That last part is exactly the thing, though.

What if you saw the obstacles as part of the ride instead of an issue? Sure, they’re not what you expected, but they’re there nonetheless. So what if instead of focusing on them, you kept your focus on the goal on the other side, did your best to get around or through them, and just kept going? You’d been a lot more of your energy, forward, for one thing.

Regardless of what’s on it, that’s where the path actually goes, isn’t it?