Begin again (x2)

Parachute sunrise_Nitin Dhumal

There’s usually a lot of excitement in the air in January, when the new year begins and we feel like we have the opportunity to start fresh. You know I have some thoughts about formal resolutions, but I like a new beginning – a chance to start with a blank slate – as much as anyone. Of course, beginnings can also bring with them the unknown, questions about our identity and maybe some anxiety about the unfamiliar. Who will we be in this new chapter? What should we expect from it? Will we be able to get comfortable? Well, sure you will, if you want to. But, it’s the discomfort that’s the interesting part, right?   Read More

Monday Moment: Feed me


Before you think I’ve transitioned to offering landscaping advice, first, know that will never happen. Second, while this gem of advice can be taken literally, today we’re thinking more about metaphorical efforts. You’ve heard me say before that “energy flows where intention goes.” Whether it’s your lawn, or your life, you’re going to see changes first in the areas you pay the most attention to, and that includes your thoughts.

We’re not in charge of what comes up in our brains, but we can make choices about what to feed. It’s not always easy, but try nurturing what you want to see grow more than what you’d prefer to see just pass by. If nothing else, it’s just more fun, but hopefully you’ll also see more of exactly what you’re trying to cultivate.

Photo credit: Karol Dach

“No-Fail” Friday: Listen to yourself


A few weeks ago, I was out for a run on one of my favorite routes, and this little gem caught my eye. I was super stressed that morning, as I’ve had a habit this summer of asking for seconds before finishing my first plate, if you get my drift. All for the good, but I was feeling it. And then, this. I thought to myself, “Maybe it’s time to take your own advice, miss MindfulMBA.” The universe was staging an intervention by way of my its very own mindfulness challenge for me:  Read More