But, still…

It’s been a while since I shared thoughts here, but I think we all know that time has somewhat lost its meaning in recent years, so I’ll forgive myself. I’ve been having so many conversations lately on exactly the topics we discuss here, though, so I felt like I was being pulled back to share. Thanks for being around to listen. :)

It’s been almost two full years since the world slowed down, and for many, seemed to stop entirely. This shift down of course excludes those whose vocations, financial situations, or both precluded them from slowing down, and may have in fact sped life up as the pandemic closed in on us. Their experience has been very different from mine, and I am grateful for every moment they courageously persisted through it.

Many of us, however, were forced to shift into a new gear and to encounter the foreign territory of stillness.

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Win-win situation

As a coach, I do a lot of work with people who are trying to achieve a particular goal. Sometimes, it’s about making something specific happen, like getting into an MBA program or positioning themselves for a career transition. Other times, it’s about getting “unstuck,” and gaining clarity about what comes next, and how to move forward into it.

Amongst my coaching tools, I include mindfulness because it helps connect us to ourselves, which is usually where the answers lie. People often want me to tell them the answers, and maybe that’s what they think I’m actually doing. Really, though, coaching is about offering perspectives, asking questions, and helping someone to see what they already know, and articulate what’s within them for the rest of the world to understand. Or, at least hear. ;-)

One space where I do a lot of coaching is around performance.

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Define “normal”

I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve read over the past few weeks about navigating our current collective project of re-opening the world. 

At first, when writing the sentence above, I tried using a number of different adverbs to describe what this re-opening is like, but none of them fit. This process is different for everyone.

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