“No-Fail” Friday: Timeless


This week, we all made a new friend in our latest “Real Mindful” feature with Evan Trimble (MBA ’18) of Indiana’s Kelley School of Business. Just like the rest of us, Evan has a ton of things going on, but he makes time for mindfulness because he’s realized one of its superpowers: it helps you use your time better. When you’re focused, you waste less of it – or use less of it unintentionally, anyway.

The deal is, though, that you have to make the time, to get the time back. That’s the conundrum, and one that a looooooot of people struggle with. Only one way to get through that, though, and you know what that is. Without further adieu, welcome to this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge!

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Real Mindful: Evan Trimble (MBA ’18)


Evan Trimble is in the middle of a lot of things. Like some of you, he’s currently in the middle of closing out the semester – his third one as an MBA student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He’s in the middle of lining up his plans for winter break, organizing his life after graduation in May, and preparing to marry his fiancée.  He’s also a leader on campus who offers guided meditation sessions weekly and is working with school leadership to gain approval for a new student club, and all the resources and support (and red tape cutting) such an effort requires.


In other words, he’s really busy. He’s got a lot on his mind. He could be intensely stressed about any one of these things, let alone having all of them in his life at once – and sometimes, he probably is. However, he’s got some powerful strategies up his sleeve for managing those moments. Best thing about Evan? He’s doing everything in his power to make sure those strategies aren’t secret.  Read More

Monday Moment: It’s not you, it’s me

E Roosevelt_Other people quote w tag

Don’t take this the wrong way, ok? Thing is, it’s not about you. I mean, for you it is, but for most other people, it’s not. How much time do you spend thinking about what someone meant by something they said or did, or even more so, following a whole, imaginary narrative in your mind that results from what you think about what their actions (or lack thereof) “meant”?  It’s a slippery slope, the way one assumption can lead to another, and before you know it, you have it all figured out. Except, you’re probably wrong.

Honestly, who has the time to sit around actively plotting against other people? Fictitious villains, for the most part. The rest of us have way to much to deal with when it comes to just ourselves. And boy, do we love dealing with ourselves. If you’re not spending your days hatching plans with other people at the center, chances are, no one else is doing that, either.

If it’s not by you, it’s probably not about you. Take (mindful) note when your inner voice starts telling you that it is…although it may be a good story, it’s probably also just yours.

Photo credit: Adam Morse