“No-Fail” Friday: Flexible plans


Have anything specific lined up for the weekend? I’m betting yes. A few plans here and there, at least, whether they be work, play, or a little of both. Either way, you probably have an idea of what lies ahead. This week, we were all about finding the balance between plans and expectations, though, and learning to “ride the wave” when things don’t pan out as your agenda says they should.

Sometimes, the only thing getting in the way of you appreciating what the moment has to offer is you. Read More

Altered state


I had a thought about today’s post, and then I changed my mind. Lots of things changed, actually. The day I thought I was going to have isn’t the one that seems to lay ahead. The way things are going, there’s a good chance the day I start out having won’t be the day I end up with. Things are in flux, and I need to be adaptable. I need to let go of the ideas I had about what I thought was coming, so I can be fully engaged and responsive for what actually shows up.

I see that today, because I have to. When is it not true, though?  Read More

Monday Moment: At your service

K Gibran service quote

Today we honor an exceptional life, one of service to the fundamental beliefs that all human beings are created equal and deserve the freedom to live, learn and love as they choose. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted – and gave – his life to righting the injustices he saw in his nation, and efforts echo in our everyday lives. He was unrelenting in his belief that something better was not only necessary, but possible, and he took action to make it happen.

Our beliefs are an important part of who we are, but they truly begin to make meaningful change when we manifest them into action. Whether through work or play or even art, making your ideas known through action is powerful. When those ideas are for the good of not just yourself but others, that action becomes service. Big or small, it is a gift you offer to the world, and it can encourage others to spread the joy by doing the same.