“No-Fail” Friday: Just a thought


We took some time earlier this week to talk about those tough moments in life when things don’t work out as you wanted them to. Bad news is hard to take in, and even harder to let go of. It generates a whole avalanche of related thoughts about our self-worth, and why (we think) things didn’t go as intended. It’s dominoes in the brain, so to speak.

It feels like the perfect moment to take on debunking one of the greatest myths about meditation: that you need an empty head to walk away with a peaceful heart. Read More

Acceptance, and the lack thereof

Green door w lock_Stocksnap_Leeroy

Yes, that’s right. It’s that time of year again. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ve seen this one before. You never learn the same thing twice, though, so there may be something new for you in it this time around.

Try that “beginner’s mind” thing. It actually works. ;-)

With MBA admissions decisions rolling out fast and furious at the moment, bottles are popping, for sure. But in other places, hearts are a little sore right now.

Sometimes we win, and sometimes we don’t. In those moments, we’re the ones who need to be practicing acceptance.  Read More

Monday Moment: Right here, right now

What you want rigiht now quote w tag

Whoa, this Monday morning. Here in the U.S., most of us “sprung” our clocks forward this past weekend, and lost an hour in the process. It’s kind of hard to notice it even happened until you hit that first morning when an alarm goes off. Ouch.

We’re all grown-ups, so we all survived, though…until tomorrow, anyway. One day at a time. ;-)

To help you power up for the rest of what today holds, we’re taking some inspiration from Tamara Levitt of one of my fave mindfulness apps. Or from her refrigerator door, apparently. Either way, it’s a quick reminder of the power we hold in every decision we make, if we can find that mindful moment in “between stimulus and response” (V. Frankl) to choose intentionally. If a choice you’re about to make satisfies an immediate need, but disrupts your ability to get what you really  want in the long-term, don’t do it. Or, at least come to terms with that as the outcome before you go ahead and say yes to it.

It’s really just mindful decision-making, with an extra layer of impulse packed into it. Stop, breathe, pause, choose, act. Sounds easy enough right?

Sure, if you’re paying close enough attention to even notice it’s happening.

Have a mindful Monday. :)