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IMG_1636_Facetune_10-06-2018-22-52-32Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m a coach, a writer, a yoga instructor and a meditation leader. I’ve spent over 15 years working with business students, alumni, and applicants in both the university and non-profit settings. I’m passionate about helping bright, talented and motivated individuals harness their personal sources of strength to achieve their goals and dreams. I found mindfulness through my personal yoga practice, but began to see its relevance to my work in the MBA world during my graduate training in health promotion management, which motivated me to pursue certification in teaching mindfulness skills and techniques, as well as my 200-hour certification in teaching yoga.

Mindfulness can not only alleviate stress, but can enhance focus, creativity, and decision-making abilities. It can also increase compassion, and make us better team members and more effective leaders. On this website, I share ideas, stories, tips and thoughts on incorporating mindfulness into the MBA lifestyle — or any busy lifestyle for that matter!

I hope what you read here helps you to find and create more meaning in work that matters to you. If nothing else, at least it gave you a moment to catch your breath.

You can reach me here and also at the links below. Thanks for reading!

Instagram: @themindfulmba
Twitter: @themindfulmba
Facebook: @themindfulmba

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