Monday Moment: Work it out


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In honor of Labor Day in the U.S., a holiday responsible for a long weekend and some uncharacteristic (and much-deserved) lounging on beaches, poolsides and backyards nationwide…a word on work and play, and those wonderful moments of “flow” when it’s hard to tell the difference.

Play on. ;)

Monday Moment: Seeking clarity

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Doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea, does it? No one’s exactly looking to deal with mud unless they have to, so…sure. I’ll leave it alone.

When it comes to the muddy waters of indecision, uncertainty, ambiguity, and all their awkward cousins, it’s a totally different story. We are all up in that mud, day in and day out, in that can’t-focus-can’t-sleep kinda distracted that only being (mentally) surrounded by mud can produce.  We really can’t stop messing with it, trying to “fix” the lack of clarity by kicking up more mud.

So, yes, you probably do have to make a decision, or become more clear about what’s going on. But, sometimes the worst way to approach it is with forcible effort. It’s hard to hear your intuition when you’re running a panic loop on high volume internally.

Instead, try letting it be, at least for a little while. Let the cards shuffle themselves, and see if they don’t fall a little more clearly into place without you trying to push them around.

The answers are always there, just sometimes they’re a little (or a lot) buried. If you can get comfortable with the discomfort of that, then – strangely enough – your time spent there will likely be shorter-lived.

Just like Monday. ;-) Have a mindful one.


Monday Moment: Play on

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This past weekend was a holiday for me, and maybe for you, too. There are a few holidays going on at the moment, actually. This was one of those during which kids take their fun pretty seriously. They’re on a mission to collect ALL the eggs, eat ALL the chocolate bunny ears, and break in those dress shoes in as quickly as possible. All the while, giggles abound. Maybe a tear or two when an egg is swiped from within their little grasp, but mostly, fun is the name of the game.

It’s an interesting dynamic to observe, that balance of ease and effort. In yoga, it’s called “sthira-sukha,” the embodiment of intentional yet gentle presence. It’s a reminder that work can be fun, and effort doesn’t always have to drain the life out of you. Sometimes, it can even create energy, if it’s aligned with your purpose.

The purpose most kids bring to any given moment is to have fun. One of the most common questions they ask is, “Can I go play?”

Yes, always. In fact, you might already be there.