Charged up

Lightning strike_Torsten Dettlaff_Stocksnap

People say that darndest things, don’t they? I think that adage is actually about kids, but these days, it seems to apply as much to adults as preschoolers. There are a lot of big, important issues front and center in the world, and tensions are running high. Conversations easily turn into debates, and in the blink of an eye, blur into full-on arguments.

Most of us don’t like arguing, so before things go south, we back away, or avoid the conversation all together. We prefer to keep things light and avoid divisive topics, especially when we are with people we believe may disagree with us. We don’t go there in the interest of keeping things civil because we don’t know how to make “there” civil, too. We think it isn’t possible to be passionate and peaceful at the same time. But if you’ve ever had an adolescent growth spurt, or worked out with a tough trainer, or studied for a seemingly impossible standardized exam (that shall remain nameless…), you know that comfort doesn’t breed progress. Progress can be painful at times, but that doesn’t keep us from working towards it.  Read More