No-Fail Friday: Off script


Our topic this week was habits – specifically, the kind you don’t necessarily know you have. I mean, you probably know if you bite your nails, or have a tendency to interrupt people, or have a knack for using colorful language in the wrong settings (it’s just too perfectly descriptive sometimes, you know??). But, you may not realize that there are patterns established in the way that you think about the situations and people – including yourself – that you encounter everyday. Nothing a little “no-fail” mindfulness challenge can’t help with. Shall we?  Read More

Right about now

Clock & skyscraper_Luis Llerena_Stocksnap

Have you ever noticed yourself saying, or thinking, that as soon as you get through this week, this project, this semester, this…whatever, then things will be okay? Of course, you know what inevitably happens. This week becomes this month, this semester becomes this year, and the finish line keeps moving. There’s always another project, another deadline, another challenging season to give you an excuse to not check in to the present, and to instead spend it in anticipation of an easier, less complicated future. Then, by the time the future gets to you, it’s just another “now,” full of things to “get through” and reasons to, well, hold your breath.  Read More