Slightly panicked


People come to me to learn about mindfulness for lots of different reasons. Sometimes they’re stressed, sometimes they want to supplement a wellness practice they already have, sometimes they just heard it’s cool and are curious. Lately, there’s been a theme to the inquiries, though. In a nutshell, I’ll call it “mindfulness in the moment.” I’m hearing from a lot of you in the hours or moments before a big exam, presentation, or other stressful experience that you know is coming (there are plenty that we don’t, right?), asking for tips to manage the anxiety within as the clock approaches go-time.

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Monday Moment: Actual cost

A Earhart courage quote w tag

This is one of those quotes that takes a minute to absorb, in my opinion anyway. I mean, if you need courage for something, it’s probably hard or scary, and what’s so peaceful about that?

Peace comes from knowing that your activities, surroundings, and overall choices are in line with your intentions, values and priorities, all of which mindfulness can help connect you with. Sometimes, we realize that our decisions have led us a bit out of that alignment, and getting it back requires doing a few things that we’d rather not.

It sometimes takes courage to claim the peace that is rightfully yours. A great starting point for setting out in that direction? Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Photo credit: Cristina Gottardi