Life moves pretty fast…


In the words of the world’s most famous 80’s teenager, “…if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss something.” He was right, of course. Busy lives with booked calendars, long to-do lists and vision boards for days keep you moving and grooving. Before you know it, the leaves are on the ground and it’s November. Which means, you missed something.

It’s a big one, y’all. You’ll be surprised.

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“No-Fail” Friday: On to the next


I hope there’s been some celebrating underway for you this past week, regardless of your creed or culture. Even if you’re a member of the Holy Church of Nothing at All, you can at least find your way into a room full of someone else’s punch and cookies. Nothing wrong with that, as there seem to be a few extra laying around these days.

Celebrations were exactly what we were about earlier this week with Wednesday’s post. In addition to the “holi-daze” swirling around us, December can also be the bearer of good news. However, many of us have tendency to follow good news with the quiet hesitation of waiting for the other (metaphorical) shoe to drop. Not only does that make the party less fun, but it erases some pretty well-deserved joy.

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Milemarker Two


It’s hard for me to believe this even as a write it, but this week marks the two-year anniversary of MindfulMBA. This sweet little site has been refreshed with new content three times a week for two years. I mean, I’m a person with a lot to say, but that reality is surprising even to me – and I’m the one who’s been cranking it out!

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