Monday Moment: Here for it

Brene Brown Courage or Comfort quote w tag

Of all the different journeys that mindfulness can take you on, the most profound space you find may be right where you started. One of the first things that happens when you start a mindfulness practice is that you get uncomfortable. Distracted, fidgety, bored. Frustrated,  judgmental, exhausted. If you check out then, that’s where you stay. I mean, you won’t realize it because you won’t be bored, etc. anymore, but all that will stay right there under the surface.

If you choose to come back, though, things start to shift. If you can sit with being bored or irritated without running away from it or doing something else to soothe it, then something else builds, too.

It’s called courage. Courage to show up and breathe through hard things. Courage that shows you that the “monster” you were scared of facing (those uncomfortable reactions) isn’t really as big as you thought it was. Stare at it long enough, and it will shrink, and eventually disappear.

Mindfulness shows you what’s really up with you in any given moment. It connects you straight to what you’re thinking, feeling, craving and avoiding. The challenge — the reason to keep trying even if it’s hard — is that learning to be present through those uncomfortable moments teaches you how to stay with yourself, no matter what, and also shows you that none of those experiences – fun or not – last.

Learning to tolerate discomfort (not pain! let’s be clear) allows you to be present for every moment of your life, and even more so – get to see what’s on the other side of it. Hint, hint: it’s usually some pretty amazing stuff.

Monday Moment: The other side

A Earhart courage quote w tag

Mondays are hard, especially if you’re among those coming off a long holiday week. So, maybe for you, this quote is more about having the courage to face your Monday for the peace that Friday is, in fact, on the horizon. Or, maybe there’s something bigger for you in this one. Fear of taking a leap that could transport you into something wonderful. Hesitation to branch out, try something new, or even believe that you can do something that only exists in your wildest dreams, for now. Maybe the courage you need to get there is just a few deep, intentional breaths away.

Free to be

Thucydides Freedom quote w logo

Birthdays are a perfect time for reflection and taking stock. For checking in with where you are, and asking how you got there over the past year, or longer. They also offer the fresh slate of a new year ahead, stretching into the unknown, full of the possibility of good that can be done for you, and by you.

Today’s birthday shout-out goes to a nation, one that is currently working some stuff out about who it wants to be going forward. It’s been around for a few hundred years, and it turns out it had some personality quirks it was holding under wraps for a while that it’s now, in part, expressing through words and actions. We don’t know how it will evolve, and yes, it’s been a difficult transition thus far, to say the least. As humans, however, we know that change is a normal part of existence. One of our greatest freedoms, in fact, is the ability to become whoever and whatever we feel is our most authentic selves throughout the course of our lives, and to allow that definition to shift over time.

It takes courage to express yourself authentically, especially when you think that expression will disrupt others’ perception of you. You have that freedom, though. The freedom to be, and say, and do just as you really are, and to be open to others doing the same. The truth is the ultimate freedom, when we have enough courage to speak it, hear it, and let it ring.

“If it can be destroyed by the truth, then it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.” ~ Carl Sagan