“No-Fail” Friday: Weekly update


Sometimes Friday sneaks up on you, and sometimes you crawl your way to it, one miiiiles-long day at a time. By the time that whistle blows at the end of the day, you’re tapped out. Maybe that feels good, like a job well done, or maybe, it just feels tired.

It’s really a question of how you feel about your effort.

Was it well-spent, and productive? Or was the amount of ground you covered not quite aligned with the amount of sweat you spent on it? Read More

Monday Moment: Feed me


Before you think I’ve transitioned to offering landscaping advice, first, know that will never happen. Second, while this gem of advice can be taken literally, today we’re thinking more about metaphorical efforts. You’ve heard me say before that “energy flows where intention goes.” Whether it’s your lawn, or your life, you’re going to see changes first in the areas you pay the most attention to, and that includes your thoughts.

We’re not in charge of what comes up in our brains, but we can make choices about what to feed. It’s not always easy, but try nurturing what you want to see grow more than what you’d prefer to see just pass by. If nothing else, it’s just more fun, but hopefully you’ll also see more of exactly what you’re trying to cultivate.

Photo credit: Karol Dach

Monday Moment: Good choice

Edmund Lee_Surround Yourself quote w tag

In mindfulness, we often talk about observing our thoughts and sometimes even making choices about which ones serve us well, and therefore get to stay, and which we would be best to simply allow to pass by without an invitation to stick around. Same goes with the people we choose to keep in our lives. Eventually, the energy of your surroundings becomes a part of your energy. Might as well make it as supportive, encouraging, and positive as possible.

Have a mindful week!

Photo credit: Frank McKenna