“No-Fail” Friday: Only the lonely

Headphones crossing street_Henry Be

Arriving into a Friday afternoon, most of us have one of two primary motivations for the evening ahead: 1) turn up, or 2) curl up. The one of those that sounds most appealing to you on any given Friday may have a lot to do with the kind of week you’ve had, what lies ahead for the rest of your weekend, or even the weather. It’s interesting to notice, though, because a big part of the choice is about whether you’re feeling like you want company or not. It’s about whether you want to be out there with the masses, or at home in the company of yourself, and maybe a select few others.

Are you in or are you out? Or maybe you’re in more of an “ask me in an hour” place. I get that. We all know that usually means you’re staying at home, though.  Read More