Monday Moment: Home base

Tibetan proverb_Home_Corrected

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of my mindfulness practice in my life. I spend a lot of time on the move – around town, to different towns, and when I’m lucky, around the world. It may sound exciting, to always be changing venues, and it definitely can be. But, over time, it can just as easily overload your circuits and wear you out.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is an incredible experience, but we need to balance those experiences with moments that bring us back to center, so we can then venture back out.

But, as the famous title implies, wherever I go, there I am. Well, there mindfulness is, and in turn, myself. Finding my breath and turning my focus inward, for even a few minutes, is a reset button in the midst of any experience. It’s like going home, only to realize I never really left.

In other words, it isn’t as much about where you are as it is about what, or whom, you find there. To be at home in the world is to be at home with yourself first.

“No-Fail” Friday: Group dynamic


This is one of those Fridays when offices and classrooms tend to go quiet pretty early. Traffic is a little lighter (in some places) than usual. It’s a holiday weekend for some, but not a huge travel weekend, so people relax a little. It’s a nice reminder that it is, in fact, possible to relax on a holiday. For me, anyway.

Holidays are usually about packed roads, crammed airport shuttles, and overflowing overhead bins. They’re about to-do lists, oven timers, decorations, and lots of other things besides relaxation. Again, for me, anyway.

Holidays are also about family, and spending time with people we wish we could spend more time with – and, well…others, too. Read More