“No-Fail” Friday: On to the next


I hope there’s been some celebrating underway for you this past week, regardless of your creed or culture. Even if you’re a member of the Holy Church of Nothing at All, you can at least find your way into a room full of someone else’s punch and cookies. Nothing wrong with that, as there seem to be a few extra laying around these days.

Celebrations were exactly what we were about earlier this week with Wednesday’s post. In addition to the “holi-daze” swirling around us, December can also be the bearer of good news. However, many of us have tendency to follow good news with the quiet hesitation of waiting for the other (metaphorical) shoe to drop. Not only does that make the party less fun, but it erases some pretty well-deserved joy.

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Monday Moment: Full alignment

Gandhi_Happiness Harmony quote w tag

Our inspiration this Monday is pretty straightforward, but in some ways, it may also be more easily said (or thought?) than done. Getting the energy of your thoughts, actions and words to align can be tough, and you may not exactly know how to go about it. You definitely know when it’s not the case, though. The best you can do is take a breath, check in with yourself, find where your heart and head connect, and make an effort to be present in that “space” right before you respond, to decide whether what you’re about to do or say aligns with your intention.

Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. Over time, and with mindfulness, those moments of alignment will become more common, though, and before you know it, striking that balance will feel like second nature.

Photo credit: Laura Connesson