Monday Moment: Clear skies ahead

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At this point on Monday, you may be wondering if you’re body’s even awake, let alone your heart. Stick with me for a second though.  I think what Hafiz has in mind here is a different kind of awake than what your alarm does for you, although the trip there can be equally shocking at times.

An awake heart is an open heart — one that isn’t closed off in an effort to prevent disappointment or pain from touching it. When you close yourself off that way, you also close yourself off to the deepest levels of happiness, joy and of course, love, that the human experience can offer you. Keeping an open heart takes courage, though. It takes commitment, and yes, an extra dose of resiliency. It requires that you want those highs enough to persist through the discomfort of the lows.

You have to know that everything passes, eventually. There was a clear sky before the storm, and while there may be shifts in terrain, there will be clear sky after it, too. And as our old friend Pema reminds us, you’re lucky enough to be that sky. If you can pour rain, then you can also pour light.

Monday Moment: Natural rhythm

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There’s nothing like a single breath in the midst of chaos to bring you back to the present moment. One of the most amazing things about your breath is that it’s always there, whether you realize it or not. When you do notice it, however, you can use it intentionally to calm and center yourself. When your focus wanders and you need it again, it will still be there. It’s simple, effective, and always already with you. It lifts and it grounds. In every moment of your day and night, it is always present, ready to help you be the same.

Photo credit: Min An

No-Fail Friday: Take a listen


This week’s earlier post was about a lot of things. It was about making decisions, finding professional fulfillment and personal happiness, and surviving disappointment. It was about dreams realized and hopes dashed. It was about the role your mind plays in framing the lens through which you see and experience the world. But at the center of all of this, it was really about your heart, and the challenge of keeping it open, receptive, and yes, vulnerable, when your reflex is to keep it protected. It has a lot of valuable info to share with you, but only if you’re listening.

Yes, it’s a (mindfulness) challenge, but that’s why you show up here every Friday, isn’t it?  Read More