“No-Fail” Friday: Funnily enough

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It’s the weekend! Just about, anyway. I hope you’ve had the chance to laugh at yourself a few times this week, as we talked about in my last post. If you haven’t, well then, lucky you! This weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge might be just the ticket.

So this one requires a combination of a sense of humor and some realness with yourself, also known as honest introspection, also known as a mindful perspective. Read More

Lighten up

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Did you hear the one about the meditator who paid for his coffee with a $20 bill? When he asked for his change, the cashier said, “Oh my friend, change comes from within.” Haaaaaa…ha. OK, so that’s probably not the best joke you’ve ever heard, but I’m willing to bet I got a little smile out of you. It’s alright to laugh, you know. Meditation can definitely be funny, if you’re willing to be part of the punchline. Read More