Think or swim

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You know how it is. You have these ideas and dreams and visions for the future you want, and then you also have these hesitations, concerns, and yes, FEAR, about pushing forward into them. What you already know and where you’ve already been are so much more comfortable. So much more safe. So much less likely to make you feel weird, awkward, or scared.

So much less likely to help you grow.

The view may be pretty stunning from the comfort of the shore. But, eventually, it might be worth it to take a deep breath, let go, and push out into the adventures that await.

In control


A little wisdom to consider as you head into this second day of 2017…hopefully you are feeling optimistic about the year ahead for you and those you love. If not, perhaps it’s because you’ve decided that you know what’s coming – but of course, none of us do. All you can do is find your breath, and make an effort to be present as each moment unfolds. You are in control – of how you respond, if not of what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised by what happens when you learn not so much to let things go, but to let them be, one new moment at a time.

Photo credit: Irina Blok