Monday Moment: Total transformation

Mark Twain courage fear quote w tag

So, are you ready for it? Kind of a weird/cool day in store, at least here in the continental U.S. It comes at a time of transition and transformation for many of us, too, as we prepare to bid farewell to summer, and start new gigs that may include career shifts or even heading back to that student life. Change is the name of the game lately and especially today, so do what you can to ride the wave.

It’s normal to be hesitant, nervous, even scared of what’s ahead as you make your next move. You’ve got this, though. You have everything you need to navigate your path, including and especially, your breath. Unless of course, you plan to stare directly into the sky today, in which case, you’ll also need some special shades.

You know, ’cause your future’s so bright, and whatnot. ;-)

Photo credit: Brodie Vissers