Monday Moment: At your service

K Gibran service quote

Today we honor an exceptional life, one of service to the fundamental beliefs that all human beings are created equal and deserve the freedom to live, learn and love as they choose. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted – and gave – his life to righting the injustices he saw in his nation, and efforts echo in our everyday lives. He was unrelenting in his belief that something better was not only necessary, but possible, and he took action to make it happen.

Our beliefs are an important part of who we are, but they truly begin to make meaningful change when we manifest them into action. Whether through work or play or even art, making your ideas known through action is powerful. When those ideas are for the good of not just yourself but others, that action becomes service. Big or small, it is a gift you offer to the world, and it can encourage others to spread the joy by doing the same.

Monday Moment: Full service

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We talk a lot around here about how the way you view your work completely changes the way your mind and body experience it. Today gives us an opportunity for reflection on service, and gratitude to those who choose to dedicate their lives to it. When we love the work we do and believe that our sacrifice is for a greater good, we are less likely to feel the sacrifice, as we watch the good we are enabling unfold, which if we are lucky, may continue long after we are gone.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi