“No-Fail” Friday: Third wheel


This week we got into indecision, and the occasional conflict between decisions that “make sense” but also make us happy. In my experience, the struggle of those moments is often marked by one critical, missing ingredient: intuition.

More often than not, tough decisions are about the push-pull of your emotions versus your intellect – what you want, and what you think you “should” do. As those two sides take each other on, a third perspective may be quietly trying to be heard. Intuition is the alignment of your “feel” and your “think.” It’s a part of you that knows both what you want and why it would be best for you. Trouble is, it can be wicked hard to hear underneath all that internal noise already underway. Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: What’s the upside

Fun spelled word with plastic blocks background

I have great news for you. First of all, it’s Friday. Yes, finally. Longest week ever. From my perspective, anyway. And perspective was kind of the name of the game around here this week.

If you checked in on Wednesday, you lucked out. It was fun times around here, which was exactly the point. We all spend plenty of time making our way through piles of work, inboxes, and chores, all day long. It’s part of being an “adult,” right?

Well, yes. But also, not completely.  Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: So, what’s up with you?


One of the best things about the weekend is that it gives you the chance to connect with people. You can catch up with friends, call your family, and of course, check in with yourself. Every weekend needs a little downtime, whether in the form of extra sleep, a nice long walk outdoors, or finally catching up on the latest season of that show you’re hooked on.

It’s nice to not have to go it alone all weekend, though, unless you’re hibernating on purpose. Read More