Monday Moment: Runneth over

Epicurus abundance quote w tag

Many of us spend a lot of time in life working to achieve things we don’t yet have, which isn’t necessarily a problem. That’s how we create cool phenomena like progress, and well, innovation. We just want to make sure that in the pursuit of all things new and better, we don’t forget to connect to enjoyment of, and gratitude for, what we do have. No matter how much or how little in terms of quantity, the quality of what you have is measured by how much it means to you – in other words, how much you value it. Simple appreciation may make you realize that even though you have dreams and goals and a vision of a “bigger” future, you are starting on that journey from a place of abundance. You may be driven, optimistic, and motivated, but you are not lacking.

Have a full and happy week!

Photo credit: veeterzy

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