Monday Moment: Look and listen

Rumi voice w:out words quote w tag

Morning! Hope you had a fun weekend, and maybe even took my advice from Friday and found a way to really relax and recharge for a bit. Today may feel a little easier if you did. I personally spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend, enjoying some summer sun balanced by the shade of helpful trees when possible. I also did some noticing, as you know I try to do, and watched a lot of people paying attention so much that they weren’t actually paying attention at all to where they were. It’s an interesting thing, the difference between focus and attention, and the choices we make about what we pay attention to. Whether it’s in your head, or in front of your face on a device, alternate realities are so tempting and super entertaining, even when they aren’t necessarily fun (see: drama), but especially when they are. What are you missing, though, when what you’re paying attention to has nothing to do with where you actually are? Food for thought for the week ahead…see you Wednesday!

Photo credit: Vladimir Chuchadeev

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