Monday Moment: Hit pause


A little reminder as you run around this morning, scrambling to get out the door and into another busy week…you can get a lot done in a mad hurry, fueled by deadlines and anxiety, but that’s kind of a self-perpetuating cycle, you know? That’s the dominate pace of life these days. If that’s how you respond to being busy and overloaded, you’ll probably have more luck changing yourself before you can change that about your life (but you can do that, too!). So…how about trying to find a few minutes each day for some stillness – hit the pause button, so to speak – to reconnect with where you are in that moment, and more importantly, how you are in that moment…?

In doing so, you will hopefully find your breath, but you may also find just the insight or calmness you need to get you through the next challenge with a little more presence and clarity. Everything you need to fulfill your purpose is always available to you, you just need to slow down long enough to be able to access it.

Photo credit: Quentin Dr

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