Monday Moment: Lifelong learning

B Nye_Everyone knows something quote w tag

Did you ever watch “The Science Guy” growing up? Turns out that there’s more to Bill Nye than meets the eye. No surprise that he’s all about learning, though, and is up for sharing one of life’s best secrets with us here: class is always in session. Even better, we all have perfect attendance, no matter where we are. Every interaction you have holds potential lessons for you, if you’re paying attention. Each experience gives us the opportunity to really notice what’s happening, observe our reactions, and respond with intention.

No pressure, but there’s another half to this equation. You’re also a teacher. You don’t need a lesson plan, though. You may not know what lessons you hold for someone else, and you may not need to know. Just show up, and be present, so you don’t miss yours.

Photo credit: Pablo Heimplatz

2 thoughts on “Monday Moment: Lifelong learning

  1. Katelyn Stephenson

    This is SO timely because I seriously just found a random, old school DVD of “The Science Guy” at the school library last week and brought it home to show the boys. They loved it! I ❤️ Bill Nye even more now. I also love this notion of the “learning equation” and how we’re all always on both sides. Powerful.


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